Friday, February 18, 2011

Whoa we're going to Las Vegas!

Now we were going to Las Vegas with PTV & HLW and we got to check in where the lady was very nice.

"You'll be wanting extra leg room" she said, looking at me. Now I thought that was odd for two reasons:

A) I am very short - less than 5ft tall in fact and
B) I was sat in my chair anyway, so I have no idea how she could tell.

Anyway, I nodded and agreed that I did indeed need extra legroom, since I thought that PTV and hubby would both lynch me if I didn't agree to it!

We got on the plane and there we were, in that very first row with the bulkhead in front of you. They are the seats with the cute little pull up TV screens that get caught behind your legs and the tables in the arm of your chair. You know the ones - they always catch in your sleeve on the way out, or you break a nail trying to get them out or something. Still, it's all exciting stuff, cos there aren't many seats like it on the plane and you get various different gadgety things to play with and try to break.

One of the unusual things is the sort of flap down area in front of you and when they brought the drinks around, HLW tried to flap it down to use it as a table. She was discouraged from doing so by the steward type person (they have special names these days don't they - so trolley dolly won't do?) - "Oh no madam, that's not a table" they said before moving on the next person.

HLW turned to me - "Well, what is it?" - I started to try and explain it was something to do with small children and completely failed to remember the official name for it that (it's a carry cot support I remembered too late). I said that you put small children on it and then - having a bit of a silly moment - suggested that you then folded it back up into place until you reached your destination.

"That's right", interjected hubby helpfully, "it's a panini machine for babies!". HLW looked at him, with a vaguely shocked expression....for all of about 2 seconds! Trouble is, I'm never going to be able to remember the correct name for it ever again. I just know that somehow I'm always going to think of it as a baby panini machine....

Thursday, February 03, 2011

That's two lessons...

A little while ago, I bought some shampoo - a fact that I am sure you are all really interested in! Seriously, I bought this shampoo, used it once or twice, decided that my hair did not bounce or swish *1 but instead left it looking pretty dull and lifeless *2 and left in in the bathroom for the bottle to go dusty. Have you ever noticed that? It normally happens with the smellies that Aunty Thingy gave you for Christmas - you leave them in the packet for ages, thinking that Lavender, Honey & Lilac is not quite your thing - and eventually (usually when the packet is really dusty), you run out of whatever it is you normally use, rip open the pack in desperation (sneezing from the dust in the process), pour it in your bath, wrinkle your nose from the smell (thank goodness you can't smell too much from all that sneezing!) and then make sure you top up on your favourite next time you go shopping. Poor Aunty Thingy's bottle sits on the side of the bath, unloved and unwanted and just gets grubbier and dustier as the years go by...until maybe you move house, or in my case, until my mother comes to visit and I rush around the house trying to clean everything in a frenzy!

So, my mother was coming and I found the dusty shampoo bottle. I grabbed it with determination and took it downstairs while trying to decide what to do with it. I wondered, is it wasteful to pour it down the sink? - at least that way I can recycle the bottle - and so the decision was made! I poured the whole bottle down the sink. Actually, I poured it into the sink because the washing up bowl was in the way, but you get the idea. I then ran the tap (bet you're all riveted by this story huh?) and sloshed the foamy stuff round a bit. I then looked at my was absolutely gleaming. All that money on kitchen cleansers and my sink never came up that shiny...if I'd have thought it would be that good, I would used it a bit more sparingly!

Ah well, at least I learned two useful things:

1. Shampoo makes great sink cleaner
2. Never pour the whole bottle of something away before testing it on an inconspicuous surface of something first - you never know what will happen!

*1 It's actually unlikely to do this anyway, since I have such short hair, but it is what all the adverts claim!
*2 As I understand it, exactly what shampoo is not supposed to do.