Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 Doors Down Are Doing a World Tour!

I'm quite a fan of Nickelback and via the wonders of modern technology I went to buy a track on iTunes. ITunes said 'if you like Nickelback then you might like Theory of a Deadman' so I had a listen and they were right. The Theory of a Deadman page said 'if you like Theory of a Deadman, you may like 3 Doors Down' and I had a listen and I liked them too - in fact, I became quite a fan! It was then with some delight that I heard they were doing a tour and were coming to a town near me.

Hubby came home from work recently and I said to him that 3 Doors Down were doing a world tour. The conversation went something like this:

  • Me: 3 doors down are doing a world tour.
  • Hubby: Are they?
  • Me: Yes, isn't that exciting
  • Hubby: I suppose so. How did you find out?
  • Me: On the Internet.
  • Hubby: Oh - how? Do they have a blog or something? I guess you might do if you're doing a world tour.
  • Me: Um, no, IMF told me...
  • Hubby: IMF? How did he know?
  • Me: Well, I'm not sure, but he told me...
  • Hubby: I did wonder what they were doing with that big van...
  • Me: Big van? What big van?
  • Hubby: You must have seen it, huge thing...but I guess you need a big van if you're doing a world tour.
I look at him blankly - things are not registering in quite the way they should...and I plough on regardless.

  • Me: Yes, shame though, in the US, they are doubling up with Theory of a Deadman - that would have been really exciting!
  • Hubby: Um...rewind a bit here...I thought you were talking about the people in number 51? The ones 3 doors down with the great big Winnebago that they've just bought?

I think then when I told him I wanted tickets, he didn't have the heart to refuse!!....

....oh yes, and they were great 😃