Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On painkillers and perseverance....

Just recently I've been doing too much...

Actually, I don't know if that's strictly true, after all, just what does 'too much' mean? Too much for whom? I guess in my life you'll just have to accept that that's too much for me - which might not be too much for you, but there you go!

The big question is, just how do I do this, this too much? Well, I take painkillers - of varying quantities and strengths depending on how good a day I'm having. Sometimes they work really well and sometimes they don't work so well at all, but they allow me to keep going for longer than I should - hence the 'too much'. Over and above how well they work, we have a secret ingredient in my life and that secret ingredient is called perseverance.

So, just recently I have started mentally cataloging my days into 2 types:

1. Those where I get out of bed and take painkillers - which I am calling 'perseverance over painkillers', and

2. Those where I take painkillers to get out of bed - which I'm calling 'painkillers over perseverance'.

When I put it down on paper like that, it doesn't look so hot, does it? And when I think about it, I am sure there must be some kind of solution to this problem...Don't you think?...

...Aha! I've got it! Of course! Stop doing so much!.....surely that would do it..... .