Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hello 02:52 -I'm late!

I was woken the other night in a minor amount of distress. This was distressing for a couple (or three) of reasons

  1. I don't like waking with pain and
  2. My hands had gone to sleep and
  3. It was the third time in four days, and while in itself that's not exactly distressing, it is rather annoying.
Now, it was only a minor amount of distress, since, although I woke with pain, I wasn't in spasm, screaming or moaning or groaning. I was just uncomfortable and on laying there for a bit, I realised that I was sore enough that I wasn't going to get back to sleep without at least a small top up of pain relief. As I got up (slowly) I saw the time was 3:18 and decided that that was quite an odd time. The thing is, I so often wake at 02:52 (yes really!) that I have come to believe there must be a train or something that goes by and that just nips into my unconscious mind and accounts for the precise time. Of course, it has only just occurred to me that the possibly imaginary train might be late, but talking like that and including drugs in the same sentence somehow doesn't seem right at all!

My hands were of some concern. They've been getting more of a nuisance recently and I haven't been able to imagine the cause. The cure for waking with dead hands is to thrust each arm into the air in turn (sound is not necessary) and to jiggle them vigorously - actually I'm not really sure it's a cure at all, but it makes me feel I'm doing something and they do come back to life. My cat, Clumsy also thinks he has a cure for my dead hands - he leaps on the bed the second he thinks I am awake and repeatedly head butts my hands until I repeat the soothing action of stroking him. In this way the numbness passes and they come back to life - although I'm not sure quite who's benefit that is for!

My physio thinks there may be a link to something (she isn't sure what) that makes them 'die' and so she's asked me to keep some sort of a diary to see if we can track down the cause. It is for this reason, and no other that I found myself writing an email at 03:18 which said the following:

Dear phyzo

Typoping thus nia at 3am. Wiki agains with ded haends . Don

't think I dud any thigh different toady but was sleerping on my left sodde when I wike . Am cheeszed off with this nw so really wany to get it fized. Any new iddea s.

Sorry for bad spollong but fingers done work & cat head butting me.

Soo seen


The fact that I then hit the send button instead of the draft button and that it actually left my out-box should be a mark of shame on spell checkers everywhere....