So that's what all those initials mean...

These are all my amazingly diverse friends who have such wunnerful nicknames.

  • Hubby – start with the easy one. My husband of course…
  • PTV - This guy. Hubby’s best friend of years ago and now a good friend and e-mail confidant to me too…
  • HLW - His lovely wife (PTV’s that is)
  • BMB - My best male buddy
  • BUF – The best useful friend. She called herself this so don’t blame me. She is one of my dearest and closest friends in the whole wide world.
  • VNSO - Very nice significant other (belongs to the BUF and is a good friend in his own right). He is also known as my dancing partner.
  • EO - Eeyore’s owner – obviously not Christopher Robin(!) but her Eeyore has been all over the world…
  • E2O - Same person as above, but her new name after she got another Eeyore for her birthday!
  • A & T - This referred to my best friend A and her hubby T but sadly I lost A in January 2008 to pancreatic cancer. T is still in regular contact with us.
  • SPF - Sports psychologist friend (yep she does and yep she is…)
  • BML - Bureaucratic monster lady (otherwise known as the administrator in the hospital who makes all the appointments)
  • - female of the rodent variety ='.'=~~~~ Also a soon to be famous author*3
  • FIL - father in law
  • MIL - mother in law (spot the theme here?)
  • BIL - brother in law (I guess you can see where this is going, can’t you?)
  • SIL - sister in law
  • Ly – lovely lady over the pond who bakes cake and had the same op as me. She had a blog.
  • – Brandi, another lovely lady over the pond who had the same op as me.
  • P@NGD - The guy at the garage who fixes my car and doesn’t rip me off
  • Grace - one of my cats – not her real name, but she is graceful…
  • Bugalugs aka Clumsy – Grace’s brother
  • ND - New dad, one of our friends.
  • NDW - New dad's wife (and unsurprisingly mother of his children)
  • DG - Disaster girl - one of the most interesting drivers I know.
  • FNG - Friday night guy. Not surprisingly, a friend who comes round every Friday night.
  • MY - Master Yoda, leader of the Horde and close friend of E2O
  • PMB - my brother
  • JTG - Joe the Gym - the guy in my gym who tortures me...
  • MIB - Mad Irish Bird - one of the group....
  • DP - daft pensioner
  • CWP - Canadian with pipe
  • MBHG - Maybe Blue Haired Girl
  • SBB - Secret Bad Boy
  • ETS - Sorry - can't tell you as then I'd have to kill you...

So, I hope I’ve remembered them all, if there are any more, that you haven’t figured out, (or want me to start using), then let me know.

What about 1 & 2 you may ask...but here is 3 anyway...