Friday, July 01, 2011

For EO’s MY

So, while I’m away MY*1tells me that he reads this blog – which surprised me a bit ‘cos I thought most people had given up on it a long time ago and I was just spouting drivel for:
  1. my benefit and
  2. the amusement of poor foreign people who pick up some obscure link and find themselves on another planet altogether.

Anyway, MY tells me that he not only reads the blog, but also enjoys it (strange man!) although gets a bit lost from time to time with all the acronyms so I thought I’d do an post and hope to catch you all up with my amazingly diverse friends who have such wunnerful nicknames. *2. Anyway, here goes:

  • Hubby – start with the easy one. My husband of course…
  • PTV - This guy. Hubby’s best friend of years ago and now a good friend and e-mail confidant to me too…
  • HLW - His lovely wife (PTV’s that is)
  • BMB - My best male buddy
  • BUF – The best useful friend. She called herself this so don’t blame me. She is one of my dearest and closest friends in the whole wide world.
  • VNSO - Very nice significant other (belongs to the BUF and is a good friend in his own right). He is also known as my dancing partner.
  • EO - Eeyore’s owner – obviously not Christopher Robin(!) but her Eeyore has been all over the world…
  • E2O - Same person as above, but her new name after she got another Eeyore for her birthday!
  • A & T - This referred to my best friend A and her hubby T but sadly I lost A in January 2008 to pancreatic cancer. T is still in regular contact with us.
  • SPF - Sports psychologist friend (yep she does and yep she is…)
  • BML - Bureaucratic monster lady (otherwise known as the administrator in the hospital who makes all the appointments)
  • M - female of the rodent variety ='.'=~~~~ Also a soon to be famous author*3
  • FIL - father in law
  • MIL - mother in law (spot the theme here?)
  • BIL - brother in law (I guess you can see where this is going, can’t you?)
  • SIL - sister in law
  • Ly – lovely lady over the pond who bakes cake and had the same op as me. She had a blog.
  • B Brandi, another lovely lady over the pond who had the same op as me.
  • P@NGD - The guy at the garage who fixes my car and doesn’t rip me off
  • Grace - one of my cats – not her real name, but she is graceful…
  • Bugalugs aka Clumsy – Grace’s brother
  • ND - New dad, one of our friends.
  • NDW - New dad's wife (and unsurprisingly mother of his children)
  • DG - Disaster girl - one of the most interesting drivers I know.
  • FNG - Friday night guy. Not surprisingly, a friend who comes round every Friday night.
  • MY - Master Yoda, leader of the Horde and close friend of E2O
  • PMB - my brother
  • JTG - Joe the Gym - the guy in my gym who tortures me...
  • MIB - Mad Irish Bird - one of the group....
  • DP - daft pensioner
  • CWP - Canadian with pipe
  • SBB - Secret Bad Boy
  • ETS - Sorry - can't tell you as then I'd have to kill you...

So, I hope I’ve remembered them all, if there are any more, that you haven’t figured out, (or want me to start using), then let me know.

*1>* Master Yoda
*2I shall put a link to this post too on the side bar so if you ever get confused again…..

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Anonymous said...

Thank you P!

My blog stats were higher the last couple of days - now I know why! :D