Friday, October 18, 2013

(What a List) or 'Metal and Morphine!'

It's less than two weeks to go before I will be stuffed full of metal and morphine (wow, what a great title for this post, she says, hurriedly scrubbing out the original title!) and I'm trying to do everything. Today I had my first ever pedicure. During my last hospital visit my feet got so dry and scaley, I thought I'd turned into Alligator Girl* and I don't want to do that again...especially when I won't be able to bend to reach my feet for months (or may be even years!)

Having approached this kind of surgery before, I know so much more to expect and I know just how fast the first couple of months after surgery will disappear. So...with only 8? weeks to Christmas, I'm trying to get all presents ordered (or at least planned!) and am trying to look after my body to get it in great shape. OK, OK - I admit that the shape my body is, you'd hardly call it great, but I'm trying to look after it anyway.

Hubby and I haven't spoken so much about it all (I guess there's no need, he's been through it all before too!) and he is being stoic and all the things a good hubby should be in this situation.  He's also taking time off work after I come home to look after me, but I hope I can be mobile enough so he doesn't have to run around after me too much. I am going to find a bell though so I can ring it enthusiastically and make him feel wanted. Actually, being waited on hand and foot  seems like a bit of a nice idea...especially if my feet turn into those that belong to Alligator Girl! Pass the foot cream dear please.....

I am also setting myself some pre Christmas goals. I want to order Christmas dinner online (or at least all the makings) and I know that will require more concentration than I'm sure to have! I also want up work on my walking - so much so, that I want to get to the cafe in the park - and if possible make it a daily trip until I'm really feeling chipper.

I've got all my clothes etc ready for hospital waiting in the bottom if the wardrobe to be packed. I've for audio books on my iPod for when I can't cope with reading and my kindle loaded with books for when I can. I have 'gentle' games ready for my xbox (I'm thinking "leaning forward running around hitting things games" will not be on the agenda for a while!). I'm recording several TV series that I don't normally watch but that look pretty good and so I'm thinking that I'm probably about as prepared as I can be.
Next week it's see the surgeon & sort out final details and then go through all the pre-op appointments etc that I need to do. The metal and morphine is hurtling towards me at a frantic pace, but I think I'm fairly well prepared...don't you...?

* Question is, just what kind of superhero is Alligator Girl - one who defeats enemies with a single whump of her tail...or just one who laments those scaley feet...?

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