Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is it just 2 weeks?

2 weeks ago today, I was lying in a hospital bed, attached to all kinds of machines, quietly beeping and delivering drugs and oxygen. After my surgery, I had not gone to intensive care and rather than moving me into the high dependency unit as expected, they moved some of the machines, and a nurse, into my own room. I guess it was a measure of just how well I was doing at that stage really, but in my drugged up, press the happy button (PCA pump) mind, I didn't realise it. The nurses came in to roll me every few hours and encouraged me to breathe deeply, since my scoliosis had compromised my lung function in the past and I didn't need to get any infection, thank you very much!

I had actually spent about 6 weeks properly preparing for my surgery. I had been to the gym to get stronger through my arms and core, I had taken a months worth of vitamins and iron, I had been drinking 'good bacteria' for my tummy and I had been mentally preparing myself. In the early days when your blood pressure is low (and boy, was mine low!), and everything seems to be just happening to you rather than you interacting with the world, you don't know if your preparation has been a success or not. Its now, that I am feeling it though. I know I feel stronger than I have any right to and my recovery progress is going well. OK, so it takes me from 7:30am to about 10:30 to have breakfast, get dressed & get to the lounge and I still need an afternoon lie down, but seriously, 2 weeks? You'd expect it to be worse, wouldn't you?

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