Friday, June 27, 2014

Bye bye Blogger

You may have noticed that I've been an absentee blogger for some time now and this is for a variety of reasons. To start with,the latest round of surgery has taken up a lot of my time...not that I have suddenly turned into a slug like creature from it, but I have been pushing myself as hard as I can to get back to full fitness and this has resulted in me either 'doing stuff' or being crashed out watching TV or sleeping (or at least trying to sleep!)....and not blogging at all.

Secondly...and I think this is more relevant, I am doing some other writing on a few personal projects...including my memoirs of course 😉 and I only have one set of fingertips to make bleed in all the typing... Anyway, blogger and my audience have suffered as a result.

So...  (is it OK to start a sentence with so?) I thought I'd 'officially' sign off on the blog and maybe start it again one day when I feel ready to get back to it. It doesn't mean that I haven't loved every minute of it, its just not fitting in to what I am doing right now, which is odd in a way, as I started it to see people through a scoliosis surgery journey and my recent op has been part of that. Of course, it may just be, that since my surgeon has now told me that I have had my final bit of spinal surgery....yes...the forever op he talked about has really been successful enough to be forever... I don't think I've any more to share...

Thank you all so much for sharing my journey with me. I will be leaving the blog up on the site and who knows...maybe I'll start writing it again one day.

Best wishes to you all,whoever you are and whatever you do with your life. 😃

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Hellwar Battele said...

Sad to know that you are going to stop
(though it is the first time i see your blog) i hope now you feel better :)
All success in your studies :)