Monday, January 21, 2013

The unexpected defrost....

At the moment, we have snow on the ground outside...and the contents of my freezer is in the garden!

Of course, you are probably wondering why....or maybe not....depending on how curious you are...but regardless, I'm going to tell you anyway. The real reason is actually quite boring, but I thought it was a good tip for you while we have such cold weather and thought that you might like to steal my idea.

I went to the freezer today to choose something for tea. I went to open the door, just to discover that it had been left ajar and the motor was working overtime in producing a large number of ice crystals, trying to plug the gap where the door used to be. There was a certain amount of slightly soggy and soft food, which isn't ideal when its supposed to be frozen and the door would no longer shut at all as there was too much ice in the way. I got the Ken Hom cleaver out of the kitchen and whacked at the escaping iceberg formations, but the door still wouldn't shut. I guess it was a wake up call to me to defrost the freezer!

Now, normally I'd run the freezer down before defrosting it, so I could get the entire remaining contents in a cool box, but today, the freezer was full...eeek! It was then I had the inspired idea of putting the drawers from the freezer outside in the snow while waiting for the freezer to defrost. Well, it worked - what a result! Defrosted freezer, frozen food...AND...I don't need to decide what to eat for the next week either as I have a fridge full of unexpected food combinations too!

So folks...hop to all that defrosting now ;-)

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