Thursday, August 08, 2013

How time has passed....

I know in the past, that I've written about how much I like writing. It probably seems really weird to you all then, that I've more or less stopped blogging. The reason? Well, they say.... It's not that I no longer like writing, or even that I have nothing to say, its just that life has got horribly in the way and also, that I have been writing...I just haven't been publishing stuff on blogger. I started putting together some stuff for a book and so, the blog has taken a back seat to that and also I'm doing a long distance college course and the resultant essays etc add to my typing callouses! Anyway, I'm back (I think) and I'm am freshly armed with a load of ideas and am determined to get back to plaguing you all with my strangest ideas on life, wondering and warped things....

I know when I started writing originally, that I wanted to carry people with me on my scoliosis journey. I wanted to be able to share my experiences, my hopes, my fears and all the gory details (good or bad), just so that other scolio people could have something to relate to. When I was first facing surgery, I read someone's blog and it made a big difference to me to know what they had gone through and how they felt about it all. I wanted to be able to do the same thing through my own experiences. I think that's one of the reasons I decided I wanted to get back to the blog...the thing is, I had my big surgery in 2006 and now here I am, 7 and a half years on and its not been a completely pain free journey and its not over yet. This year, I had one of those significant birthdays and I just thought it was time to tell you all just what is going on now...and what I think is about to come. I warn you now....there's more surgery on the horizon, so there'll be more gory details and all sorts. Please hang on in here with me....I'll try not to make the road too bumpy! *

* I don't like bumpy roads....usually results in me telling all and sundry how bad the impact is....after all - you try doing that with a rod up your back!

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