Saturday, September 21, 2013

Putting my house in order...or something like that...

Its strange, isn't it, that there's nothing like having a deadline to make you get things done -even though I do know someone who always says they love the sound of deadlines as they go whooshing by!

So, I have a date - a date for my surgery that is. Its fairly soon and so I decided to sit down and work out what impact it was going to have and what I needed to get off various lists* to put my mind at ease. I began by putting all my various notepads and electronic devices on the desk and discovered a whole load of things I've been meaning to do. The thing is, that after my next lot of surgery, I won't be able to do much for a while - Christmas shopping for example is probably not going to be at the forefront of my mind and so I have to think about that now....yes, now....and its not even Bonfire Night yet! So, apart from that, the list comprised of getting the electrician and plumber in to do a couple of jobs (think I'm having them come round after surgery, when I'll be slobbing around in my pyjamas for a couple of months? Um, that'd be a no then!) along with various other things like that.  Some of the stuff I've just decided that it simply isn't that important so I've crossed it off one list and NOT added it to another! Feels wicked in a way... ;-)

Of course, there's all the hospital stay stuff to think of too - will I really want to show off the pyjamas I have with Grumpy on the front? Actually I'd be happy to, but they go over my head and I think with new metal in my back, the last thing I'll want to do is lift my arms above waist height! So, new pyjamas then - ones that button up the front, but not ones that make me look like my grandad. This week has been pyjama buying week - I decided I needed several pairs - in hospital you always end up with your nice clean pyjamas with breakfast, or sick or something straight down the front the second you put them on. (Sorry to be so gross, but you know its true...!) That led on to my tidy dressing gown (I'm probably not going to wear it, I hope they are going to let me languish in bed and be waited on hand and foot) but I looked at it, forlorn on the back of the bedroom door and tried to decide how long it had been there getting dusty (I wear the one I like, not the tidy one!). So, dressing gown, wash, check! 3 pairs PJ's, check! 1 nightshirt (maybe I won't be able to waggle my feet enough to get into PJ trousers), check! New slippers (did I mention my slippers are years old?), check! Going into hospital is starting to look like an expensive business and that's before I get into deciding whether to treat myself to a new Kindle with a built in backlight, because it will be so much easier don'tyaknow !

*I love a good list!

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